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The one big weakness that every web agency won’t admit

We don’t make websites. We are digital marketing specialists, and are upfront about that.

But even the best web agencies promise SEO-perfected websites. If only this were true. Whether it’s through lack of experience, or simply budget contraints that mean they focus on the look and delivery over search-engine optimisation, we’re yet to see a website that is built from the ground up to meet Google’s strict expectations.

The three critical arms of SEO

There are three parts to any comprehensive SEO strategy, and we focus on being the absolute best at only one of them.

The three critical parts to any SEO strategy is this, in this order:

1. Technical SEO

Technical SEO is the foundation of everything that follows. This is the art of allowing Google and Bing search bots to freely “crawl” and understand your website. This is the start and end of a website’s success with SEO, so we always start with this. It’s an approach that has set us apart as market leaders for technical SEO in the UK.

Content SEO

This is the strategy that emerges from quality keyword research. Digital Marketing Specialist Ltd was founded by a former journalist for the biggest online publications in the UK and USA, so we’re more than comfortable with developing top-shelf content. And yet, we’ll freely admit that the best people to write and execute SEO content is your team. You’re the experts, and it’s expert content (aided by a clear keyword strategy) that gets the big results.

So we don’t do content SEO. Instead, we’ll arm you with keyword research and guidelines on how to implement it at your own pace. You’ll be able to make gains in free search traffic whether you’re a team with content specialists or a sole business owner.

Linkbuilding SEO

Finally, the strategy that put so many websites out of business in years gone by. You’ve probably heard of horror stories of websites being “punished” by Google.

We’re pleased to say no website we have worked on has been punished by Google. Why? Because we don’t do linkbuilding SEO. There are a few of good companies out there who do linkbuilding the right way, but it carries risk, and if you haven’t perfected the first parts of SEO – that is, the technical and content side – then it’s far too early to begin linkbuilding.

We’ve long said that linkbuilding should be a PR activity, because this kind of outreach requires public relations skills. When you get to this stage, or if you’re ready now, we can recommend a 1st class PR agency in your sector to discuss this, helping you brief them to approach PR with linkbuilding in mind.

But if your website doesn’t have a solid technical foundation, you’ll get a lower ROI from any SEO activity. In fact, your business as a whole will probably get a lower ROI.

A Comprehensive Technical SEO Audit

Search engine traffic is free traffic, and the gains you can make by getting the basics in place will astound you.

We will create a clear plan for you and your exisiting web agency, collaborating with anyone you like to get the job done. And if you’ve ever been suspicious of your web agency and the quality of SEO they’ve really given your site, this audit will help you hold them to account and get the best value from your investment in digital.

What you get

  • Prioritised action list with issues ranked by importance, with a brief outline of the solution. Each item is tagged to the most suitable team to fix it, with estimated difficulty to help with planning resources.
  • Complete “For Dummies” report explaining what we’ve found, in simple terms, as a useful reference for yourselves or any future partners so it’s easy to communicate the problems and what to do about them.
  • We fix of quick wins as we go along, where possible, and save any remaining time to help you and your partners implement fixes later.

Guaranteed to increase your search engine traffic

Search engine traffic is free traffic, and the gains you can make by getting the basics in place will astound you.

The most leverage a site can have is in improving the technical SEO foundation. If not, Google’s bots will try to crawl through your website, but every small hurdle will add up and become a brick wall. The result will be that it doesn’t pay full attention to your site, and therefore can’t serve it to people who are looking for your product or service.

This audit is a specific plan that will overcome that.

Contact us today to book your Technical SEO Audit, or any other bespoke SEO service you’d like help with.

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Looking for a bespoke Technical SEO Audit service?

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