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How Facebook Retargeting Multiplies Your ROI

If someone leaves your website without buying, have you lost them forever? Retargeting is a new way to capture those visitors and extra sales, with a stunning impact on marketing ROI. We all work to get visitors on our website....

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Improve Your Conversion Rate

Worried your conversion rate is low? Turn clicks into conversions with our simple consulting solution to improve your conversion rate. The problem with your sales You’re a business manager or marketer. You’re trying to grow a business by improving the...

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How to prepare and optimise images for SEO

A pretty common issue that clients miss is starting image optimisation on their websites, even though it’s the easiest SEO issue to fix. The problems I see images fall into two camps: Image filenames don’t make sense to anyone but...

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A beginner's guide to writing Markdown

Markdown is an easy way to write for the web. It’s simple: you write in normal English, and your web team can put it straight online as proper web code, or HTML. Easy! You’ll need to know how to do...

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